You gotta see this fumbled-snap, stutter-step, fall-down extra point make by Utah

Utah wasn't able to upset Stanford on Saturday night, falling just short 23-20. However, the Utes' final touchdown and extra point was signature #Pac12AfterDark. 

Receiver Darren Carrington II hauled in the 18-yard pass with 44 seconds to play. The point after was a little more complicated. Here's the video ... because seeing really is believing. 

Here's another closer look ...

Yes, that is a botched snap followed by a stutter step followed by a rogue kick followed by a ball that barely covered the cross bar. Not to be too dramatic or caught up in the moment, but that was the ugliest yet best extra point in a good long while. 

There were also betting implications for it. Depending on when bettors took the line, they got an extremely important cover or push. The official closing line for the game was Stanford -3. 

College football: stay weird forever. 

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