Fantasy Football Player Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Fantasy Football Player Challenge 2013

Q: What happens if I register for Player Challenge after some of the NFL games for that week have already been played?
A: Signups for each four-week challenge will close at the first 12 noon ET Sunday of the four-week challenge period. So, as an example, the first 4-week period signup window will close at 12 noon ET on Sunday, September 8, 2013 (this is one hour prior to the first Sunday NFL game). Anyone signing up after this time will be rolled into the next four-week challenge period that will begin the following week (signups for the 4-week challenge #2 will close at 12 noon ET on Sunday, September 15, 2013). However, please note that users signing up after 7:25pm ET on Thursdays will only be placed in groups with other users who also signed up after 7:25pm ET Thursday of that same week. This is so that all players in the same group have the same advantage in terms of available players to select from, as the Thursday players lock and cannot be selected after 5-minutes prior to their game's start time.
Q: After I sign up, do I pick my Player Challenge group?
A: Once signed up, will randomly place each user in a challenge group with eleven (11) other players and will notify you via email once that has happened so that you know to go in and set your lineup. Once assigned to a challenge group, the user will not be able to change groups. Users are not currently able to create their own Player Challenge private groups.
Q: Can I play in more than one Player Challenge game in the same 4-week period?
A: Of course! And after you play one game at a specific service level, all your additional games at that same service level will be offered to you at a discounted price! It's worth noting that if a user has multiple teams, each team will be placed in a different group.
Q: Can I change my team name?
A: Once you submit your team name, you cannot update it for the season. Yours is a great team name, sounds like a winner!
Q: What players are available in the player pool?
A: selects the list of players for the player pool. You can see the full list of players by navigating to the 'Full Player List' page within your challenge group entry. The players included in the player list never get removed. However, may add players from time-to-time.
Q: How many players are on a roster?
A: Every user must field a roster of eight. Here are the roster requirements by position:
  • Quarterback (QB): 1
  • Running Back (RB): 2
  • Wide Receiver (WR): 2
  • Tight End (TE): 1
  • Kicker (K): 1
  • Defensive Team (DT)/Special Teams: 1
Q: What happens if a player plays at more than one position?
A: For NFL players who play more than one position, will determine their position eligibility. If a player is listed at one position but then plays another for the week (e.g. a running back plays wide receiver) his statistics at the new position will count for the user's team.
Q: What happens if one of my players gets injured?
A: If any of the your selected NFL players are injured after the lineup setting deadline, or for any reason are not available to play, you will not be able to change them. We hope this doesn't happen to you!