NBA Injuries

Atlanta Hawks
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Tyler CavanaughPFAnkleGame Time Decision
02/15/18Ersan IlyasovaSFShoulderGame Time Decision
02/15/18Dennis SchroderPGBackGame Time Decision
Boston Celtics
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Jabari BirdSGBackGame Time Decision
02/15/18Shane LarkinPGKneeGame Time Decision
02/15/18Marcus SmartPGHandGame Time Decision
01/10/18Gordon HaywardSFAnkleExpected to be out until at least Apr 15
Brooklyn Nets
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Rondae Hollis-JeffersonSFGroinGame Time Decision
02/15/18Caris LeVertSGKneeGame Time Decision
02/15/18Jahlil OkaforCCalfGame Time Decision
10/19/17Jeremy LinPGKneeOut for the season
Charlotte Hornets
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
No injuries reported.
Chicago Bulls
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Cameron PaynePGFootGame Time Decision
Cleveland Cavaliers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/02/18Kevin LovePFHandExpected to be out until at least Mar 30
Dallas Mavericks
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Dorian Finney-SmithSFKneeExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
02/15/18Nerlens NoelCThumbGame Time Decision
02/06/18Seth CurrySGLower LegOut for the season
Denver Nuggets
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Torrey CraigSGGroinExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
02/15/18Kenneth FariedPFPersonalExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
02/15/18Richard JeffersonSFWristExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
02/07/18Paul MillsapPFWristExpected to be out until at least Mar 2
02/07/18Mason PlumleeCCalfExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
01/26/18Tyler LydonPFKneeExpected to be out until at least May 25
Detroit Pistons
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/09/18Reggie JacksonPGAnkleExpected to be out until at least Mar 5
01/19/18Jon LeuerPFAnkleOut for the season
Golden State Warriors
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Jordan BellPFAnkleGame Time Decision
02/15/18Quinn CookPGPersonalGame Time Decision
02/14/18Patrick McCawSGWristExpected to be out until at least Mar 14
Houston Rockets
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Trevor ArizaSGHamstringGame Time Decision
02/15/18Eric GordonSGKneeGame Time Decision
02/15/18Brandan WrightPFCoach's DecisionGame Time Decision
Indiana Pacers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Darren CollisonPGKneeGame Time Decision
02/15/18TJ LeafPFCalfGame Time Decision
02/15/18Glenn Robinson IIISGAnkleGame Time Decision
Los Angeles Clippers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Jawun EvansPGAbdomenGame Time Decision
02/15/18C.J. WilliamsSGAnkleGame Time Decision
12/11/17Patrick BeverleyPGKneeOut for the season
Los Angeles Lakers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/17/18Channing FryeCAbdomenExpected to be out until at least Feb 24
02/13/18Lonzo BallPGKneeExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
Memphis Grizzlies
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Wayne Selden Jr.SGKneeGame Time Decision
01/27/18Mike ConleyPGHeelOut for the season
Miami Heat
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Rodney McGruderSGLegGame Time Decision
02/15/18Kelly OlynykCShoulderGame Time Decision
01/22/18Dion WaitersSGAnkleOut for the season
Milwaukee Bucks
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/14/18John HensonPFHamstringExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
02/12/18Matthew DellavedovaPGAnkleExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
02/08/18Mirza TeletovicPFIllnessExpected to be out until at least Feb 23
02/02/18Malcolm BrogdonPGQuadricepsExpected to be out until at least Mar 17
Minnesota Timberwolves
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
No injuries reported.
New Orleans Pelicans
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Solomon HillSFHamstringExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
02/15/18Frank JacksonPGFootExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
01/26/18DeMarcus CousinsCAchillesOut for the season
12/07/17Alexis AjincaCKneeExpected to be out until at least Apr 7
New York Knicks
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Joakim NoahCPersonalGame Time Decision
02/13/18Kristaps PorzingisPFKneeOut for the season
02/05/18Ron BakerSGShoulderOut for the season
Oklahoma City Thunder
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/14/18Alex AbrinesSGHipGame Time Decision
01/28/18Andre RobersonSGKneeOut for the season
Orlando Magic
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Aaron GordonPFHipGame Time Decision
02/15/18Jonathan IsaacPFAnkleExpected to be out until at least Feb 25
02/15/18Terrence RossSGKneeExpected to be out until at least Feb 25
02/15/18Nikola VucevicCHandGame Time Decision
Philadelphia 76ers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Justin AndersonSGAnkleGame Time Decision
02/15/18Joel EmbiidCAnkleGame Time Decision
02/15/18Markelle FultzPGShoulderExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
02/15/18Demetrius JacksonPGHipGame Time Decision
02/14/18Furkan KorkmazSGFootExpected to be out until at least Mar 8
Phoenix Suns
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Tyson ChandlerCNeckGame Time Decision
11/07/17Brandon KnightPGKneeOut for the season
09/25/17Alan WilliamsPFKneeExpected to be out until at least Mar 15
Portland Trail Blazers
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18C.J. WilcoxSGKneeGame Time Decision
Sacramento Kings
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Skal LabissierePFShoulderGame Time Decision
02/15/18Frank Mason IIIPGHeelGame Time Decision
02/15/18Iman ShumpertSGFootGame Time Decision
02/14/18De'Aaron FoxPGFaceGame Time Decision
01/18/18Harry GilesPFKneeOut for the season
San Antonio Spurs
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18LaMarcus AldridgePFKneeGame Time Decision
02/15/18Rudy GaySFHeelGame Time Decision
02/15/18Kawhi LeonardSFQuadricepsExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
Toronto Raptors
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Lorenzo BrownPGAnkleGame Time Decision
Utah Jazz
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Ricky RubioPGHipGame Time Decision
01/14/18Thabo SefoloshaSFKneeOut for the season
10/17/17Dante ExumPGShoulderExpected to be out until at least Mar 1
Washington Wizards
UpdatedPlayerPosInjuryExpected Return
02/15/18Tim FrazierPGNoseGame Time Decision
02/15/18Jason SmithPFIllnessGame Time Decision
01/30/18John WallPGKneeExpected to be out until at least Mar 15
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