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The best baseball movie of all-time, it says here, is "Major League." Yes, there are a boatload of excellent entries, such as "Bull Durham," "42," "The Sandlot," "The Natural" and others will debate the merits of "Field of Dreams". For my money, "Major League" sits a cut above the rest, though, and I'm certain many baseball and/or film aficionados agree. 

Some from that group might perk up a bit when seeing this news for a possible Black Friday purchase. The hat worn by Charlie Sheen as Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn is up for auction on Who could ever forget the entrance scene with Wild Thing's signature glasses? So good. 

With a key piece of "Major League" memorbilia hitting the market, CBS Sports reached out to Sheen to ask about his favorite lines from the iconic 1989 movie.

"I think Chelcie Ross [crafty veteran Eddie Harris] has the best line in the movie when he says: 'Up your butt, Jobu.' It doesn't get any better than that," Sheen said through a representative. "That was classic"

He added: "My favorite line by my character, Vaughn, was when asked what league I had been playing in, I say 'California Penal.' I love that line. That was pretty strong."

It was. It wasn't alone. The movie is full of legendary one-liners that will live forever among "Major League" fans. I'm pretty sure at one point in time I could recite the entire movie, and I'm not remotely ashamed to point this out. 

As for the Vaughn hat, the current bid is just south of $5,000 and bidding runs until Dec. 6 at 10 p.m. ET. Here's the description: 

Wild Thing wore it, and now you can own it. Charlie Sheen's famous film depiction of bespectacled closer Ricky Vaughn makes this Cleveland Indians cap a first-of-its-kind item to be sold! Shows tons of wear, comes directly from Sheen, and includes his COA. A prime souvenir from a classic sports movie!

Bid with impunity, Major League die-hards.