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Easton Oliverson, the Little League World Series player who suffered a fractured skull after falling off the top bunk of a bed, is being discharged from the hospital this week. On Tuesday, he shared a video on Instagram, which marked the first time he spoke publicly since the accident.

"Hi everyone, this is Easton—thank you for all of your prayers," Oliverson said. "Please keep praying for me as I continue to get better, I know the prayers and blessings have worked, and that heavenly Father is blessing me."

Oliverson, a pitcher and outfielder, has been staying at a hospital in Danville, Pa. and is heading home Salt Lake City. It's been two weeks since his most recent surgery when doctors put his skull cap back in.

The 12-year-old has made significant progress since the accident. After falling off the bunk bed, he was airlifted to a local children's hospital. Oliverson underwent surgery and had to be placed in a medically-induced coma. His father, Jace Oliverson, said he was truly "fighting for his life."

"Doctors (were) saying he's 30 minutes, max, from dying, with so much pressure on his brain stem," the father told CNN.

Although it's probably still going to be a while until Oliverson can get back on the baseball field, the young player's brain scans have looked promising. Dr. Oded Goren, the doctor who treated Easton at Geisinger Medical Center, said on NBC's Today last Friday that initial scans after the surgery "showed no signs of injuries to the brain itself from the initial trauma" and that he is feeling optimistic about his recovery.

Oliverson's family has been updating his status on social media, and they shared the same positive attitude regarding his health.

"The amount of progress that he's made in such a small time is truly extraordinary and inspiring. He is incredible." read a recent post. "While Tank is making great strides, he still has a long road ahead of him. Please keep praying! We love you all!"