Not that we need this, but reminders that Jeffrey Loria's ownership group is terrible for the Marlins are an annual tradition. This time around, word is that several former season-ticket holders are being sued by the team and that some vendors have been bankrupted by a lack of business in the publicly-funded Marlins Park.

Via Miami New Times:

The Marlins have sued at least nine season ticketholders and luxury suite owners since 2013. That virtually never happens in sports, experts say. Two stadium vendors are also locked in court battles with the team, both alleging the Marlins promised robust crowds and then didn't deliver.

Take the case of Mickey Axelband to illustrate what is going on. He ponied up $24,000 for season tickets and says he was promised first-floor parking in the stadium's garage as well as access to a private lounge with pre- and post-game buffets. Axelband tells the New Times that by midseason in 2012, he lost parking privileges and the buffet served "the same bland panini for every game. Soon the team shut it down in the sixth inning."

Understandably, Axelband told the team he wasn't asking for a refund, but would like the things promised to his level of season-ticket holder. He was told the equivalent of "tough."

Despite having signed a two-year deal, Axelband contacted the Marlins and cancelled his season tickets citing a breach of contract.

Once again, Marlins ownership appears to be at odds with members of their own fanbase. USATSI

This is a similar picture to the other people the Marlins are suing.

There's a lot more in the Miami New Times article, including how the Marlins are at odds with Prats and Brother Jimmy's Barbecue for the Marlins not following through on promises and bankrupting the businesses.

The Marlins paid 19.7 percent of the cost to build Marlins Park, but over $500 million is coming from taxing residents of Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami. The SEC has investigated the financing plan and what led to it.

At 20,508 fans per game, the Marlins rank 26th in MLB in per-game attendance. They were 28th last season, 27th in 2014, 29th in 2013 and 18th in 2012 -- their first year in Marlins Park.