The Chicago Bulls are going back to the future.

Coach Jim Boylen is keeping track of his players' hours the old school way -- with punch cards.

Most places haven't had their employees to literally punch in when they arrive at work for decades, but the Bulls are doing things a little differently. Boylen installed an old school punch time clock so he can keep track of when everyone is putting in work.

Boylen had the clock custom made, in red and white with "Chicago Bulls" emblazoned on it, and hung it up at the practice facility. Located near the weight room, the device serves as a way for players to punch in and out of work. 

The players each have their own card with their name on it to use, though surely these players are too young to ever remember seeing one of these in the workplace. They may have needed a lesson on how to use it on the first day. 

"So when guys come through the doors, they punch in now," Boylen told The Athletic. "Punching in to work."

According to The Athletic, Boylen has great memories of his days punching in and out and showing off his work ethic at a Cadillac factory, where he worked from 18 to 21 years old. 

Bulls guard Zach LaVine says his coach does a lot of "little quirky things" that make the team experience fun and different. 

I think the punch clock would definitely go in that "quirky" category.