NBA: Toronto Raptors-Media Day

Masai Ujiri's current contract with the Toronto Raptors comes to a close this summer, and his future with the franchise will be one of the biggest questions facing the franchise over the offseason. Ujiri has been in his current executive role with Toronto since 2013, and he is responsible for building the Raptors team that won an NBA title in 2019. Ujiri isn't interested in looking back, though, and when it comes to his future with the Raptors, the team president wants to make sure that ownership is dedicated to putting them in the best position to win more championships. 

"Everybody says blank check, blank check, but I'm not as much focused on blank check," Ujiri said Wednesday when addressing his future in Toronto with media members. "A lot of the things that we have done here, we have to move forward as a franchise to compete with the best in the NBA. This is all about winning a championship again. 

"Let me tell you something. Everybody has forgotten what has happened two years ago. Yes, we won, but nobody cares anymore. We want to win another one. That's what you want to do," Ujiri said. "You want to prepare yourself to win another one. Not playing the play-in game. Not playing the playoffs. You want to win a championship."  

It's obvious that Ujiri isn't interested in living in the past, and he made it clear that he wants to hear a plan for sustained success moving forward when he sits down at the negotiating table with Raptors ownership. The good news is that Ujiri is optimistic that ownership will be open to his suggestions. 

"We want to win a championship here, and we have to put ourselves in position," Ujiri said. "So a lot of things that we did, whether that's build a practice facility, whether it's to get everybody to see us hosting an All-Star Game, or getting a G League team, I have an incredible staff that they allowed me to hire here from front office, to coaches, to medical. We have Drake, our ambassador who has been incredible to us. He has lifted us. 

"Yeah, so what's the next lift? What's the next five years? What's the next 10 years? What are we doing to put ourselves in conversation with all the great teams, and all the winners? That's what we want to do, and that's the conversation I'm going to have [with ownership]. Yes, I'm going to have asks. I'm going to have a lot of things that I think we need to put forward here to address these things, and I think ownership is open to hear this."

Ujiri isn't the only key Raptors figure facing looming contract questions. Star veteran guard Kyle Lowry is set for unrestricted free agency this summer, and at this point it's unclear whether or not Lowry will remain with the Raptors or look to continue his career elsewhere. As a team, Toronto's' future is a bit murky at this point, but one thing is clear -- the organization is going to have an extremely eventful offseason.