Kevin Durant's debut with the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday was must-see TV. In fact, TNT's doubleheader featuring the Cavs taking on the Knicks and the Warriors hosting the Spurs was, according to the league, the highest-rated opening night since 2013. But while the NBA community was tuning in to opening night, Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook decided to do something a bit more simple.

Opting not to watch his former teammate play against the Spurs, Westbrook told reporters on Wednesday that instead of watching the Warriors game, he chilled and took care of his personal hygiene.

"I play cards," Westbrook said about his exciting Tuesday night. "So I was just chilling, minding my business, eating a nice dinner, talking to my wife on the phone, and went to sleep, if y'all wanna know. I took a shower. I used Dove soap, brushed my teeth, washed my face, went to sleep. I put a movie on before I went to sleep. And that's what I did."

Westbrook also said he didn't check the scores of last night's games and seemed unaware that the Warriors were even playing. Not to say that he's lying but it is hard to see Westbrook not at least knowing that the Durant and the Warriors got blown out by the Spurs. But while Westbrook can feign disinterest in the Warriors, he will surely be prepared to face his Durant when the teams meet for the first time on November 3.