Lavar Ball and Co. have officially touched down in Lithuania and, to nobody's surprise, they brought a circus with them

On Wednesday, the world's most prominent Loudmouth Basketball Dad escorted his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo to Lithuania, where they'll be playing basketball for Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas soon. As they stepped off the plane, they were promptly greeted by a hoard of media awaiting them at the airport.

Obviously the circus surrounding the Ball family arrival is the story here, but let us not look past a few other important details. 

First and foremost, that is one hell of an airport. I've never been to Lithuania so I can't speak to its quality of living, but that appears to be the fanciest and warmest arrival terminal these eyes have ever seen. The Big Baller family needs a Big Baller airport, apparently.

Secondly, how about that "Welcome to Lithuania" song? What a jam! 

There's nothing more exhausting than stepping off an airplane and having to lug your body and belongings through an airport as you seek out your destination, but I would imagine it's a little less taxing when you're in a luxurious airport soaking in the majestic sounds of a smash Lithuanian record. 

America, your airport game has been put on notice.