The Vegas Golden Knights have been one of the best stories so far of these 2018 NHL playoffs, and no one is watching more attentively than the citizens of Sin City. Vegas defeated the San Jose Sharks in overtime on Monday night to take a 2-1 lead in the series, and a Fox 5 camera caught the crowd's reaction to William Karlsson's game-winner while the local news anchors freaked out.

It appeared that the reporters had been burned a few times before by big crowd reactions, so they were cautious in asking what happened this time.

By most accounts, the Golden Knights should probably be villains. Sure, it's their first season and sure, it's another West Coast hockey team that's made up of bits and pieces of other NHL teams, but this team is just too fun right now. The way that they've managed to capture Vegas' attention is nothing short of extraordinary. You can hear in the anchors' voices how exciting the Golden Knights are at the moment.

Ted Pretty, the one mentioned in the tweet whose name is nothing short of awesome, is the one yelling the loudest and announcing that Karlsson is the one that scored. Say what you will about local reporting, but things like this just prove that sports are more fun when the people watching are invested.