Here's a headline you never thought you'd read: Canadian actor Zack Ward, or Scut Farkus from "A Christmas Story," has been tabbed to run a new stock-like exchange that allows fans of the NHL and other pro sports leagues to buy and sell their favorite teams.

Ward, who has also appeared in "Transformers" and TV shows like "Lost," "NCIS," and "American Horror Story," has been named the new CEO of Global Sports Financial Exchange, Inc. which has been developing a "regulated sports exchange, the first West Coast Wall Street," according to a press release from AllSportsMarket.

Former NHL All-Star Bernie Nicholls touted the concept in 2016: "This revolutionary technology and platform (online and mobile app) allows NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB sports fans to buy and sell their favorite teams, earning money each time their teams win and each calendar quarter."

More from AllSportsMarket (ASM):

ASM is set to be a positive disruptor in sports finance around the globe, enabling sport fans to become stakeholders in their team's performance and benefit from potential investment growth as they are educated in the world of finance. Motivated by their own love of the game and called the "Holy Grail of Fan Interaction," ASM builds a stronger fan base, creates taxes at all levels of government and fosters a collateral economy using open source tools just as Steve Jobs did with Apple's "App Store."

Between this and CCM Hockey's new personalized motivation app, it is obvious the NHL is building a stronger a presence in the next wave of media. Now here's a tip for the sports stock exchange: Buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.