Roughly three weeks after Adidas sold longtime hockey brand and equipment company CCM for $110 million, the latter has recruited some of NHL's biggest names for the launch of an app touting All-Stars like Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby and Brent Burns not as marketing figures but personal motivators.

CCM announced this week that it will help bring "passionate hockey players closer to their favorite athletes" through a free CCM Skills app and an accompanying Team CCM brand, both of which are meant to offer registered fans exclusive photos, videos and personalized "motivational messages from their Team CCM captain."

Sidney Crosby is set to represent CCM as a personal motivator along with other NHL players. CCM

The kicker is that McDavid, Crosby, Burns and a slew of other NHL stars like John Tavares, Matt Duchene, Marc-Andre Fleury and Patrice Bergeron will make up the pool of potential "captains" available to users of the app, offered through registration via CCM's website.

Daydream a little, and this idea gets even more interesting. Imagine, for instance, competing youth hockey players watching customized hype videos from Crosby and McDavid before facing off on the ice. Or Crosby watching a customized hype video of McDavid before he takes the ice to face McDavid, who, in turn, watches a customized hype video of Crosby before taking the ice. The motivational possibilities are endless.