There has been talk of a future NHL presence in both Seattle and Houston in recent months, but if hockey players themselves had the say over where a potential 32nd franchise would land, they'd choose Quebec City, according to a USA Today poll.

Surveying 31 "high-profile players at the NHL/NHL Players' Association media tour," USA Today found that 21 of those players, or 67.7 percent, would prefer Quebec as the next home of a new team:

Previously Quebec had been the home to the NHL's Quebec Nordiques (1979-95) before the franchise was sold and moved to Colorado. The NHL economic scheme is far different today, and it is presumed a new Quebec franchise would have a much easier time being a financial success.

Seattle was the second-place finisher in the poll, garnering nine votes, while Houston mustered just one vote.

Quebec City attempted to house an NHL franchise at the same time the league's 31st club, the Vegas Golden Knights, began to take shape. Quebecor, a Montreal-based communications company, submitted an application to bring back the Nordqiques in 2015, and the bid was moved by the league through both Phase II and Phase III of the expansion process. This followed previous years of speculation regarding a revived NHL presence in Quebec City.