The Freeze in the Winter Olympics? Don't rule it out. USATSI

Braves groundsman Nigel Talton has become a viral celebrity for his alter ego "The Freeze." His superpower? Being super fast and embarrassing fans that think they've got speed around the warning track of SunTrust Park.

Team USA took notice of his speed -- particularly in a clip that involved a poor, unsuspecting fan getting tangled over his own feet and absolutely biting it -- and decided to try and recruit Talton to the bobsledding and skeleton team.

Talton has speed -- everyone knows that by now. He broke a record in Iowa Wesleyan track by running the 100-meter dash in 10.73 seconds. However, apparently he's more than a quick sprint, and he did well at the tryout.

"He did really well on the testing, which was not a surprise because we knew he was fast," recruiter Mike Dionne said, per the Washington Post. "It reaffirmed what we thought, that skeleton would be more suitable for Nigel, so we're going to invite him back to camp in November and get him on a sled."

Talton is tempering expectations, but he isn't completely devoid of optimism.

"If I have the chance to make [an Olympic team] it will be great, but for right now I'm just getting my feet wet, getting a foot in the door and learning the sport," he said.

It's no mean feat for Talton, but it's definitely a tryout well-earned. Besides, he already has the wardrobe -- so if anything Team USA would be saving money by giving him the shot. Olympic uniforms aren't cheap, after all.