In a tweet on Monday night, Katie Couric apologized for comments that she made about the effectiveness of the Netherlands' ice skating team. In regards to their talent, Couric said that the Dutch skated to work, a comment that was met with a lot of criticism -- including from the U.S. Embassy in the Netherlands.

It was clearly a line that sounded a lot better in Couric's head, and people took issue with the implication that the Netherlands doesn't have other forms of transportation. There also seemed to be some issues with the "Americanized" version of commentating throughout the Games.

Couric, however, wanted to make nice with the Dutch afterward, sending out a tweet of her own congratulating the Netherlands on their medals and apologizing for her canal quote.

According to Couric, it was all a simple, albeit silly, misunderstanding.

Couric came out of semi-retirement to broadcast this year's Opening Ceremony, and prepared for these Games on a limited schedule. Even so, it's unlikely that she thought that the Dutch were living in the Dark Ages. The Embassy said that it would be willing to let the comments slide.

Henne Schuwer, the Dutch Ambassador to the United States, said he'd be happy to show Couric the historic canals.

So no harm no foul, and Couric got a trip to the Netherlands out of the deal. Not a bad turnaround.