It feels like you can get just about anything from vending machines at an airport. Vending machines feel like they should be restricted to impulse buy items, yet you can drop $300 on a pair of headphones at most airports in major cities. Brazilian soccer team Gremio is leveraging that idea to add a different kind of impulse buy: Jerseys.

Gremio has installed its kit vending machine at the Salgado Filho International Airport in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It will be a 90-day trial run to see if the Brasileiro Serie A club's fans can be tempted to buy the jerseys.

If nothing else, it's an interesting idea. Airports do all sorts of things to keep things interesting, so this is just the latest endeavor. This kind of thing could probably work in the United States, too. People travel enough for their favorite teams that they could likely be tempted to get something as a keepsake. And with so many stores to look at (and official merchandise being relatively hard to come by), the vending machines could prove to be a viable alternative.

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