Former youth soccer star Hiannick Kamba was believed to have died in a car accident in his native country of Congo back in 2016. However, in a strange turn of events, Kamba has been found alive, four years later.

According to Bild, Kamba began working at his old job as a chemical technician at an energy supply company following the accident. How exactly can a person come back from the dead? They can't, but Kamba's "death" may have been part of an elaborate insurance fraud scheme. This is all coming to light because Kamba's ex-wife, who allegedly received a life insurance policy payout in the neighborhood of six figures, is being investigated for insurance fraud.

She provided a death certificate for Kamba and announced a funeral for the former soccer star at the time. It's unclear how Kamba's ex-wife came up with the documents.

Kamba'a parents actually fled Congo for Germany in 1986, but were deported back in 2005. Kamba didn't go with them due to the fact that he was offered a contract by Schalke, a soccer club in Bundesliga. Because of the contract, Kamba was able to reside in Germany while he played for the club.

Kamba returned to Congo years later and even requested a return to Germany in 2018. The former Schalke star has yet to be charged and it's currently unclear if he was aware that his ex-wife had faked his death. He will be a witness against his ex-wife in the case.