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The 2022 World Cup is just over a year away, and teams are starting to earn qualification, though many spots still remain. Qualifying windows in September and October paved the way for some tense clashes in November, which led to a number of European teams punching their ticket for Qatar, as well as a South American giant. In Europe the group stage is over meaning nine group winners have booked their spots, while three additional places remain up for grabs through the playoffs. While it will likely take quite a bit for things to be sorted out in North America's Concacaf region and elsewhere, there has been some movement in South American clubs begin to clinch as well, with Argentina joining Brazil in locking up a spot. The Brazilians, five-time World Cup champs, are the only team to qualify for every single World Cup

Twelve teams have officially qualified so far, with more expected in the next window. In Europe, what's more notable, perhaps, is which nations haven't qualified as both Italy and Portugal and Italy are on their way to the playoffs where they'll look to secure a spot.

Here are all of the teams that have officially qualified for next year's competition, which will be the last one with 32 teams before expanding to 48 for the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Teams that have qualified for FIFA World Cup 2022

  • Qatar
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Brazil 
  • France 
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • Serbia
  • England
  • Switzerland
  • Argentina
  • Netherlands