The 2018 World Cup is over, and 20 years after capturing France's first World Cup in home soil in 1998, Les Bleus brought the trophy back home on Sunday with a thrilling 4-2 victory over Croatia. It was the usual suspects scoring on Sunday, with Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann and, of course, the own goal giving France a 4-2 victory over a Croatia team that had an amazing run.

This was Paris' watch party during the pregame. You could say it was a little excited.

President Macron was also more than a little thrilled by the result.

When France opened the scoring, Paris erupted.

And when the match went final, well ...

France had a tough, tough road to get to this point. The team had to beat the likes of Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium, and none of those wins came easy. However, once the team captured its second Cup, the reaction was jubilation -- and relief.

France is back on top of the soccer world, and with the core it has in place, it could hang out there for a while. Between Pogba and Mbappe, it's a team that is somehow incredibly young and extremely mature.Β 

Donald Trump gave some props to the French team as well.

It was an incredible Cup, and even though Croatia came up short, it deserves a lot of credit for how it played. However, the day is for France, as it celebrates the second Cup in the nation's history.