It's not often that the man you've secretly been recording during your flight turns out to be a former professional soccer player. But that's exactly what happened to Texas actress Rosey Blair, who decided to document a love story on Twitter this week.

On a July 2 flight from New York to Dallas, Blair and her boyfriend apparently swapped seats with a woman so they could sit together. And what ensued were dozens upon dozens of social media posts from the couple, who quickly realized that the woman who had traded seats seemed to be getting flirty with her new seatmate. Picture after picture, Blair's sleuthing had her friends tuned in for an undercover love story that lasted multiple WiFi purchases and all the way through baggage claim:

The real kicker of Blair's extensive coverage, though, came after she and her boyfriend somehow found the man's Instagram and identified him as Euan Holden, a former Bury Football Club player, Major League Soccer draft pick and brother to Stuart Holden, the ex-U.S. men's national team, U.S. Olympic and World Cup midfielder.

The Holden brothers haven't downplayed the drama, either, confirming their connection to the "Plane Bae" story and all its quirky charm: