Gustavo Turraca of Argentina second division side Los Andes received quite the injury on Saturday against Brown de Adrogue. Martin Minadevino went high for a ball with his cleat to clear it out of danger, but little did he know he put Turraca in serious danger. His cleat connected with Turraca's face and neck. Check this out:

Oh my goodness. As violent of a challenge as you'll ever see. Look at how the kid was left:

Here's another look:

It seriously looks like he got attacked by a tiger or something. It's crazy to think that could be the result of a challenge in soccer. As expected Minadevino received a red card, and he deserves more. He certainly didn't mean it, but that's reckless. So reckless that one day a challenge like that could really kill somebody. Turraca is lucky to be in one piece. 

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