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Liverpool and Spain's Thiago Alcantara has launched a tirade against modern soccer in an interview with L'Equipe.

Speaking with the French publication, the Italy-born son of former Brazil international Mazinho railed against the current state of the game and particularly VAR.

"We see less magic as the players are faster," said Thiago. "There is no need to do as much dribbling because the players are faster and more physical. The players are more developed in every way, but you are missing those players who can bring you breathtaking moments in the game.

"There is also VAR," he added. "I have always been against it and wish it did not exist. It takes the essence of the game away from you. It takes away the cunning and the mischief that is part of football. As long as you don not hurt anybody, of course."

Thiago went on to explain that he believes that eliminating the human error aspect of the game makes memorable moments less possible in the future and bemoaned the inability to celebrate without being sure that a goal will not be ruled out.

"We make mistakes when we play," said the 30-year-old. "Referees must do so too as they are human. Without trickery, many famous moments in the history of football would not have happened. Above all, when we score, even if it is from midfield, we now have to wait as it can be overturned."

Thiago left Bayern Munich for Anfield last year after seven trophy-laden years in Germany after breaking through with Barcelona.

He was a substitute for Spain's goalless draw with Sweden in their opening Euro 2020 clash in Group E and could start against Poland later.