As annoying as it may be, soccer players killing time during a match is just a part of the sport. We see everyone do it, from goalkeepers to ball boys, and it's a pretty effective way to hold on to a result with just a couple minutes to go. 

Then there is this: Lucao, a player for Brazilian club Criciuma, wanted to waste some time during his team's visit to Internacional in Serie B action on Saturday. After scoring a goal earlier in the game, he was carted off the pitch with an injury, but before he was taken away he decided to roll off the cart onto the ground. Yes, he really did. Take a look:

That was too obvious, and it was also too funny. You've got to do what you've got to do to secure points, right? The game ended in a draw thanks to his "heroics." He clearly looks down to see if he can pull it off, and he goes for it.

Let's file this under "things we thought we would never see."

But it still isn't better than this.

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