Of course, the 2016 Champions League final ended up coming down to Cristiano Ronaldo's right foot. The outcome of a game that featured an offside opening goal, a brilliant equalizer and even better celebration, and 120 minutes of tension was ultimately left up to one of the world's most iconic players.

There could be no other way. This -- and only this -- was the ending the game deserved, even if Ronaldo hardly impacted the game prior to the shootout.

After Atletico Madrid's Juanfran missed the only penalty kick missed during the shootout, Ronaldo stepped up to the mark with a chance to secure Real Madrid's 11th Champions League title. If he converted on his attempt, game over. If he missed, Atletico Madrid would be given another chance to extend the shootout and win their first ever Champions League title.

Ronaldo didn't miss.

And then, pandemonium.

While Yannick Carrasco's celebration caught us all by surprise, Ronaldo's certainly didn't. An iconic moment for an iconic player -- that's the ending this game deserved.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his game-winning penalty kick. Getty Images