Iran has a lot of reason to be excited for its match against Portugal on Monday. A win would propel Team Melli to the knockout stage for the first time in World Cup history, but perhaps more importantly, it would involve Iran surviving a group that includes both Spain and Portugal. At three points, Iran is behind Spain and Portugal in Group B, but its future is in its hands.

With that in mind, Iran's fans threw a huge party outside of Portugal's hotel on Sunday, which prompted a visit from a familiar silhouette asking the fans to quiet down so he could get some sleep.

Yeah, that's Cristiano Ronaldo telling the fans causing a ruckus outside of his room that he needs his beauty sleep. The way this video is cut is phenomenal, by the way, and deserves a lot of praise. That zoom-in as soon as Ronaldo comes to the window is some Spielberg-level camerawork.

Ronaldo's shrug towards the end is great, wondering why in the world the fans in green and red aren't shutting up for him. It's entirely possible that he either thinks those are Portugal's fans or it's impossible that someone isn't listening to him. The thumbs up as he saunters away is also hilarious, as he just goes "good enough."

Either way, if Ronaldo shows up looking this against Iran on Monday, we'll know why:

Alternatively, he might bury three goals just to make a point.