Cristiano Ronaldo's much-mocked bust gets a makeover after World Cup hat-trick performance

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If you didn't see the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo that was unveiled at his hometown airport in Madeira last March, then you missed out on a Golden Age of internet history. Unfortunately, like all internet ages, it was short-lived. The bust was there to honor the airport being renamed after the Portugal superstar, and on Friday it was replaced with a bust worthy of such an honor.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new and improved Bronze Ronaldo:

The bust was unveiled the same day that Ronaldo put up a hat trick for Portugal to survive a 3-3 draw against Spain, according to ESPN. As legendary as that was, it was still only the second-biggest Ronaldo news of the day.

The new sculpture was not created by Emanuel Santos, who made the original and once said of the first bust that "I liked the result and was really proud of it. And if I had to do it again, I would make everything exactly the same," per ESPN.

Sure, there will be those that say the new one lacks the character that the original had, but the character of that piece didn't match the character of the player. Even though it arguably had to be replaced, it will be missed.

Good night, sweet prince.

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