Team doctor: 'Optimistic' about Luis Suarez's knee but no return date set

Uruguay's doctor is optimistic about Luis Suarez's chances. (USATSI)

Liverpool and Uruguayan national team star Luis Suarez is working his way back from minor knee surgery he had 10 days ago in hopes of playing in the World Cup later this month.

Despite endless speculation on how fit Suarez is and dozens of questions whether he’ll be able to take part in Uruguay’s opening game against Costa Rica on June 14, the national team doctor was reluctant to indulge any sort of conjecture. Although there was no time frame given for his return, Suarez was at the team’s training center on Monday rehabbing his left knee, as you’d expect him to be. 

“There is not much [new] information, he is following the scheduled plan,” Dr. Alberto Pan said on Monday. "He is making good progress."

“Today he will have more demands, we will do double time [training sessions] and on successive days, elements will start with more demanding workouts without impact. I cannot advance the days [until Suarez is healthy]. He has to have a positive experience with smaller loads before moving forward.” Pan conceded that they are cautiously optimistic, which is why Suarez was included on the final Uruguayan roster. 

"From a medical standpoint, Suarez is not ruled out and therefore is in the final list. ... We have an optimistic view on everything that's happening." 

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