Nick Kyrgios, a critic of Trump, takes a knee before match with Roger Federer

The NFL protests had already taken root in the NBA, and they started to permeate both tennis and baseball on Sunday. Before a match with Roger Federer, Nick Kyrgios paid tribute to Colin Kaepernick -- whom he shares an agent with -- by taking a knee at the net. According to Kyrgios, the decision wasn't made out of protest, but rather was a "personal tribute" to Kaepernick.

Kyrgios's politics, however, are no mystery.

His wardrobe also makes his alignment clear. Earlier in the year, Kyrgios wore a "F--- Trump" hat. With all of this in mind, Kyrgios' message may have been out of support with Kaepernick, but it is entirely likely it will be construed in a very different way.

Kyrgios was just one of many people across sports protesting on Sunday. Obviously there is the aforementioned Bruce Maxwell in baseball, but protests swept across the NFL on Sunday after Trump denounced players kneeling or otherwise abstaining from the anthem. The controversial statements were met with ire throughout the NFL, with several owners publicly denouncing Trump. Kyrgios' reputation makes it unsurprising he would do this, but it is still an unexpected act from an outspoken player.

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