College Basketball Podcast: Why it hasn't been a good week for Kansas, Arizona and other programs involved in corruption trial

Matt Norlander spent the past three days in the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse in lower Manhattan reporting on the federal trials of Jim Gatto, Merl Code and Christian Dawkins. Court is adjourned until Monday. So we got together Friday afternoon to record a new episode of the Eye On College Basketball Podcast that focuses exclusively on the trial.

We discussed Brian Bowen Sr.'s testimony. We discussed T.J. Gassnola's testimony. We discussed how and why it hasn't been a great week for Kansas, Arizona, NC State or Louisville. We discussed Silvio De Sousa's eligibility. And, of course, we discussed DeAndre Ayton's friend Larnell.

It's 65 minutes of scandal talk.

Dive in!

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