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North Carolina fans filled the Dean Dome with chants of “overrated” aimed at Duke’s Harry Giles on Saturday. This didn’t sit well with Tar Heels coach Roy Williams, who quickly disapproved by telling them to knock it off.

Giles, the former No. 1 rated recruit in the 2016 class, has not been able to make the impact many expected at Duke. He suffered a knee injury in the first game in his senior year at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, and did not see the floor again as a high school player. Another knee injury before his freshman season at Duke set him back as he sat for the first part of his college career.

While Giles has been playing a respectable amount of time and making a marked impact (he averages 4.3 points and 12 minutes), it’s not nearly what many projected. And it’s clear he’s still recovering from his third knee surgery and playing tentatively enough that it’s fair to wonder if he’ll ever return to the NBA prospect that many projected him to be.

Still, Williams wasn’t happy about the chants from his home crowd. And he explained why he defended the Duke freshman after the game, which No. 5 North Carolina won 90-83 over the No. 17 Blue Devils.

“We don’t need to do that,” Williams said. “Every time you yell ‘overrated,’ the other team scores the next basket. They yelled ‘overrated,’ he made the dadgum free throw. We’re intelligent. We go to North Carolina. Don’t piss off the other team by being stupid.”

For his part, Williams brings up a fair point. “Overrated” is one of the oldest chants in the book, and while it can be used in some cases in good fun, it comes off distastefully when it’s directed at an 18-year-old whose career has been hit with speed bumps because of injuries.

And, as Williams, pointed out, it can also be detrimental for the chanting fans’ team. Luckily for the Heels, it didn’t come back to bite them.