This just in: People still really annoyed Ed Rush hasn't been fired

Larry Scott, you aren't flying under the radar. Neither is your conference or your controversial and non-comedian director of officials, Ed Rush. The Mike Rice bullet train of a story hasn't blown this one out of our purview. It's still a major issue in college basketball, perhaps one even bigger than Rice, because now Rice is out of the picture and yet Rush is still employed. So, by default, there is an image problem with Pac-12 officiating.

Heading into next season, it won't appear to be fully on the up and up. Every day that Rush remains connected to the Pac-12 is another day that Scott and the league brass attaches itself to a scandal that shouldn't ever be tolerated, not even for the beat that follows a supposed joke.

And guess what? Fans in Pac-12 markets that aren't in Arizona aren't happy with the situation as it stands. Scott is taking his time, defending Rush and, in the meantime, taking a hit to his reputation and credibility.

Head here to check the poll. Turns out nine in 10 readers think Rush needs to go. That's a lower percentage than I expected.

When you have fans of opposing teams, who could benefit in certain ways because of an opposing coach being targeted -- when you've got those fans against you, it's done.

So what's taking so long, Larry Scott?

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