LOOK: Ole Miss wants Justin Bieber to wear a Rebels jersey this season

I'm going to come clean about something before I proceed: I don't hate Justin Bieber. Like a lot of people, I used to. By many accounts, he was impossible to be around. 

Then I realized that if I was that rich and famous at his age, I would also probably be a little twerp. I certainly was as a teenager without the aid of a giant spotlight documenting everything I said and did. And, hey, growing up is hard enough as it is without that. Besides, hating someone you don't even know takes too much time and energy. 

... But I will absolutely still make Bieber jokes to those who bring it upon themselves. So, sorry, Ole Miss. You have no one to blame but yourself for this. 

Ole Miss is referencing a recent Instagram photo in which the Biebs wore a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey -- by the way, sorry for your loss, Preds. #GoPens -- basically because it looked cool. If he was willing to rep the Penguins for no real reason, then what's to stop him from going full Pitbull and endorsing all kinds of #brands? 

Ole Miss jumped on that opportunity with a tweet to Bieber on Friday. If he posts a picture with his Rebels jersey, any and all backlash Ole Miss will inevitably receive will be worth it. But I just have to ask: Will this shameless act of further self-imposed sanctioning really save you from the Association's wrath given the scope of the Notice of Allegations? 

Choose your answer carefully, Rebs. There's still time to stop this. 

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