Ohio State kicker Tyler Durbin's had a rough couple of games. The Buckeyes' usually consistent kicker missed a pair of field goals against Michigan and then two more in the first quarter against Clemson, with the latter performance contributing to the first shutout loss for Ohio State under Urban Meyer.

Players with these spotlight misses catch flack from fans, but rarely do we ever get to see how nasty it can get. Durbin shared this email on Twitter from a fan that obtained his school email address to pen a mean-spirited takedown of the kicker and his Buckeye teammates.

Warning: The language in this email, shared by Durbin and the Ohio State specialists on Twitter, is crude and ugly in every way. So much so that we're going to just link you straight to it if you wish to read in full. Here are a couple excerpts.

"The fact that you transferred here to suck THAT bad actually hurts my soul ...

"You tried your hardest to blow the Michigan game. I prayed for you that we would win so you wouldn't be torn another one. ...

"I hope you aren't getting a scholarship. If I found out my hard earned money that I have to pay tuition with is going to pay for YOU to come here ...

"I hope you don't believe your parents saying they're proud of you for that trash performance. They have to say that. They are embarrassed. Just like the other 50,000,000 proud Ohio State fans ..."

It goes on from there.

As long as sports figures and college teams are given celebrity worship status, there are going to be fans whose supercharged emotions drive them to extreme action. This hate mailer is not every fan, but he is a fan that exists.

Don't be that fan.