Oklahoma State's Alamo Bowl champion rings only remember what they want to remember. 

The players recently received their rings for winning the Alamo Bowl, and if you look closely at the rings you'll notice something is missing, and that something is a loss. 

The side of the rings have Oklahoma State's record as 11-2, but if you look up the 2016 standings you see that Oklahoma State's record was 10-3 with losses to Oklahoma, Baylor, and Central Michigan. It's that last loss -- the first one of the season -- that Oklahoma State is counting as a win.

You may remember that Central Michigan won the game on this crazy Hail Mary.

If you remember that, you probably also remember that the play came on an untimed down following an intentional grounding call on Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph. It was fourth down and Rudolph just threw the ball away with four seconds left to kill the rest of the clock. The officials called the penalty and gave Central Michigan an untimed down, but according to the rules, while the penalty should have stood, Central Michigan should not have been given an extra play. The game should have just ended. 

Officials from both the Big 12 and MAC admitted as much following the game, though the result of the game stood.

Which is why Oklahoma State spent the rest of the season treating it as a win, and now they've done so on their rings as well.

Now if only we could convince Mike Gundy to shave "11-2" into the side of his mullet...

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