Empty Amon G Carter stadium
Maybe there's a long line to the bathroom? (@FollowTheFrogs)

Do you see that photo? Your initial reaction to seeing it was probably to assume that the photo was taken before today's game between TCU and Kansas began, or perhaps it was taken during the fourth quarter after the Horned Frogs built a comfortable lead.

Well, if you were thinking it's the latter you're at least half-right.

According to Stefan Stevenson, who took the photo, that's a shot of the stadium during the fourth quarter all right, but TCU held only a 24-17 lead over Kansas at the time.

Which, I mean, we've seen some empty college football stadiums in our time, but that's startling. This is the same TCU team that had an announced attendance of 41,170 for its home-opener against Southeast Louisiana.

I guess the Jayhawks aren't the same draw that the Lions were.