It's safe to say that South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp isn't the most well-liked man in Columbia right now. Many are clamoring for Muschamp to be relieved of his duties, but the school's athletic director Ray Tanner gave the coach a vote of confidence less than a week ago.

He hasn't had the confidence of fans this season though. One fan decided to dress up as Muschamp for Halloween and walked around holding a check with the word "Buyout" in the memo space for $18 million. On Halloween night, South Carolina student manager Aubrey C. Walker didn't take too kindly to the costume and was arrested for allegedly fighting with the man, according to the Post and Courier.

Walker was charged with public disorderly conduct after he got into the alleged altercation with the Muschamp look-alike in Columbia's Five Point district.

Several people witnessed the altercation and believe that Walker was intoxicated at the time. According to the police report that was obtained by the Post and Courier, Walker was being "loud and boisterous" when a police officer intervened.

Walker was escorted to jail and released the following day.

"I heard one of the cops say, 'He said he works for USC football,'" one eyewitness told the Post and Courier. "I thought, 'Oh, that makes sense.' He never said a word the entire time but he didn't like that check."

The Post and Courier also reported that a South Carolina spokesperson confirmed Walker is no longer a student manager. 

It appears that Walker took exception to the check that the man was sporting as part of his costume. The $18 million on the check refers to the $18.75 million buyout that Muschamp would receive if he's fired by Dec. 31, 2019.

The Gamecocks currently have a 4-7 record and have lost four of their last five games. Most recently, South Carolina dropped a 30-6 decision to Texas A&M.