Alabama is making a habit of bringing former star players back as practice squad members. After already having used Blake Sims this season, the Tide brought former quarterback John Parker Wilson and running back Trent Richardson in last week to help prepare for the LSU offense.

Richardson's job was to simulate the challenge of a big back like Leonard Fournette. After the Tigers struggled to only 33 yards rushing on 27 carries, it would seem as though he did his part in preparing them.

"I think Trent gave a pretty good look, and John Parker, too," cornerback Marlon Humphrey said to on Monday. "I tackled Trent this week, man. That's a big guy, man. It's also pretty cool just to go against those guys, knowing what they've done for the program."

The use of former players on the practice squad is something Nick Saban has been sure is within the rules, clearing it with both the SEC and NCAA. When you have as many really good former players as Alabama -- and some without NFL jobs currently -- you might as well tap into that resource. I just wonder who is next on Alabama's practice squad parade of stars.