No one has had more of a whirlwind 24 hours than Tyler Trent. Trent, a passionate Boilermaker fan and former Purdue student who is stricken with terminal cancer, is ingrained into this Purdue football team, which pulled out its signature win of the season in a 49-20 drubbing of No. 2 Ohio State on Saturday. Trent began watching the big game in a suite, but by the end of the monumental upset, he was down on the field. Eventually, he was headed to the locker room to celebrate the big win with the players themselves.

Trent even rocked a unique hair style for the matchup.

All of Purdue nation -- and the college football world in general -- rallied behind Trent to support him as he took center stage amid the Boilermakers' miraculous win.

While the entire nation was stunned by the win, for Trent, it was never in doubt. He had already predicted the victory to ESPN's Tom Rinaldi.

Purdue fans in attendance inside Ross-Ade Stadium even had a special chant for Trent, one that everyone can agree with. The fans belted "cancer sucks," something that was already planned by the university.

The NFL's all-time passing leader and former Purdue standout Drew Brees also took notice of Trent both before and after the game.

The craziest part? Trent wasn't even supposed to be at the game in West Lafayette, Indiana. He didn't think that he'd be able to make it to Purdue after his condition worsened late in September.

At the time, the Purdue team simply would not settle for Trent not seeing them again, so they graciously paid him a visit.

It's safe to say that Trent's presence Saturday returned the favor in kind. For Trent, just being there was a "wave of emotions," particularly seeing all the support and all the signs, as he expressed to Rinaldi. 

"24 hours ago, I was in my bed, trying to sleep, puking all over the place," Trent said. "It was not great, I did not wanna be there. Thankfully my family was..."

As for when he saw the Boilermakers, Trent was overwhelmed.

"My eyes definitely started tearing up, just because I didn't think I was gonna be here 24 hours ago."

Trent's journey to become a Boilermaker was more difficult than what's imaginable on the surface, as his College Gameday piece detailed on Saturday morning.

If you want to see the raw emotion that only college football can bring, then man, just look at what took place at Ross-Ade when the clock hit 0:00.

After all of the celebrations, Trent himself was calm talking to Rinaldi on the Purdue sideline.

"I knew we had a chance," he said. "But I didn't know it was gonna be 42-20 (this was before a Purdue exclamation point made it 49-20), that's for sure."

This game is, without question, Purdue's signature win. The Boilermakers are 4-3 on the season, but no matter what happens the rest of the year, this game has an asterisk next to it. The bottom line is this: It's special. When quarterback David Blough and the entire team saw Trent after the game, it served as a reminder for how truly special it all is.

Trent is now indelibly a part of Purdue's 2018 season. Saturday's win was a lot more than a football game -- it was preordained by Trent. Once Trent predicted Purdue was going to pull off the upset, this was the only way that Saturday night could unfold.