If we know one thing about Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, it's that he's a man of passion. And men of passion oftentimes are fathers of great sideline antics. Harbaugh lived up to that by completely flipping out over an offsides call against his defense.

It started off simply enough as a tossed play card, but Harbaugh didn't end there. Nope, he went nuclear on his poor headset, throwing it to the ground with gusto.

What's better is that Harbaugh then proceeded to put the broken headset back on his head ... because it was clearly still a functioning piece of equipment after that.

Harbaugh drew an unsportsmanlike penalty for the outburst, adding insult to the matter. He had more gripes later on, and was still angered in the locker room after the game, a 30-27 overtime victory by the Buckeyes for calls he thought went against him team.