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The Purdue Boilermakers did not get the month of October started anywhere close to what they had hoped. Instead of a serene Fall day in the Midwest, Purdue had to play a Big 10 matchup against Minnesota in wet and miserable conditions that even further dampened a 20-13 loss in conference play.

If there was any image that summed up the day for Purdue, it was on the sidelines: With water pooling on the sidelines, one of Purdue's cheerleaders made a scene by executing a spectacular bellyflop, finishing things off with a big splash around her teammates and Purdue Pete.

The sideline splash was emblematic of Purdue's play on the field, as the Gophers were able to force multiple turnovers by the Boilermakers in a game that saw them fall face first into a puddle in the second half. Gophers quarterback Tanner Morgan threw for 169 yards and two touchdowns, which was good enough for Minnesota to rally to a come from behind win after a loss to Bowling Green last week.