We missed something during this Arkansas State fake punt vs. Miami

DOYEL: Fainting goat's story, in his own words

We missed something during Miami's 41-20 win against Arkansas State on Saturday. Thankfully, Miami fan Sean Korte took to Twitter and Vine to document the most inexplicable fake punt of the season

First clip: The Collapse

That's right, he just leans back and topples over. (GIF via SB Nation)

Then see what happens to our actor after the interception on the fake punt.

Now, about 12 hours after the clip began circulating around the internet, we have some answers from Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson. It turns out, the inspiration for the trick came from a prank when Anderson was the offensive coordinator at North Carolina.

"The throw and catch on the opposite side of the field didn't work properly," Anderson told Sports Illustrated's Martin Rickman. "We faked a punt the week before against Tennessee and hit it. We had a really good look at one against Miami. They lined up exactly the way we wanted, and we ran the fake we wanted. We just underthrew the ball and their linebacker made the right play. Exactly what we wanted to happen with Booker was what we wanted him to do. We were lined up in a formation where he was ineligible to go downfield. It was a tackle-over formation, so we couldn't send him downfield. We had to decide what we wanted to do with him. We thought we'd have a little fun, so we used what we call 'The Fainting Goat Technique.'"

"The Fainting Goat Technique" comes from a prank the North Carolina team pulled on then-starting quarterback Bryn Renner.

Anderson said he showed the video, which was featured here on CBSSports.com and collected over a million views on YouTube, to Arkansas State wide receiver Booker Mays and Mays worked on his faint all week.

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