Ranking the 16 major championship days

Where does the US Open rank on this list? (Getty Images)
Where does the US Open rank on this list? (Getty Images)

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With the US Open coming up, I thought it might be a fun little exercise to rank all 16 major championship days. From Masters Thursday to the PGA Championship Sunday.

First, a few guidelines. As a general rule I enjoy days of tournaments in this order: Sunday-Saturday-Thursday-Friday. And I like the majors in this order: Masters-British Open-US Open-PGA Championship.

With that, let's jump in.

1. Masters Sunday: There's nothing like it in all of sports. I get nervous in my gut just typing the words "Masters Sunday" and I've only been alive for 29 of them.

2. US Open Sunday: There's usually carnage here which is both terrific and awful but nearly always compelling. The best golfer in the nation is crowned king of our country's open championship, that's pretty cool.

3. British Open Sunday: The only reason this is No. 3 instead of No. 2 is because, as a consumer, the British Open has always been over for me by around noon. There's not as much buildup as there is with the other Sundays. Still, it's tough to top.

4. Masters Thursday: Not only is it the first major day of the year but it can probably be dubbed the start of golf's real season.

5. Masters Saturday: Often where the real fireworks at Augusta take place. Especially this year.

6. PGA Championship Sunday: It's still great, mind you, but it doesn't have that allure of the other three. I don't fall asleep and wake up thinking about PGA Championship Sunday.

7. British Open Saturday: It just feels like one of the seven biggest days of the golf year. Hard to describe it outside of that.

8. US Open Saturday: This and the British Open days are pretty interchangable for me.

9. British Open Thursday: I always enjoy the shock of seeing Scott Van Pelt in the tall grass on my telecast or Wright Thompson in some pub in Scotland. I like the different-ness of the first day of this tournament a lot.

10. PGA Championship Saturday: It's tough to beat weekend golf at a big-time tournament but this is definitely the least of the four Saturdays. 

11. Masters Friday: Hard to believe I have any of the Masters days outside the top 10 but Friday just doesn't do it for me like the others do. 

12. US Open Thursday: Everybody has what will probably end up being a winning score on Sunday when they tee it up Thursday morning.

13. British Open Friday: I do like that the British Open is over by 2 PM usually on a Friday. Nice segue into the weekend.

14. US Open Friday: The other thing about Fridays that gets to me is that it feels like the transition from "everyone" to "these 60 guys" takes a long time from the beginning of the week to the beginning of Saturday morning of a tournament. Friday afternoons are long.

15. PGA Championship Thurday: One problem with the PGA Championship is that it doesn't always feel like a major because of how many golfers are competing. It feels like it takes a long time to weed out the non-contenders.

16. PGA Championship Friday: It's tough to rank one of these last but this one takes it for me. It's the day that least captures my interest.

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