Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for this week's Google Earth series, the beholder is Architectural Digest. In 2017, the publication chose the "most beautiful public school" in each state. MaxPreps has chosen 10 of those schools to feature.

Over the course of the past three months, MaxPreps has spanned the country looking for unique campuses and extreme locations. We've explored new and old alma maters, schools involved in cinema and even dived into the realm of make-believe with fictional campuses.

Parkersburg (W. Va.)
Home to one of the winningest football programs in high school history. Parkersburg High School was reportedly built on a swamp, according to Architectural Digest.John Handley (Winchester, Va.)
Named after the Judge who founded the school in 1922, John Handley is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.El Paso (Texas)
According to Architectural Digest, the school is built in a neoclassical style and is nicknamed the "Lady on the Hill." El Paso's football stadium was also one of the first concrete stadiums built in the United States.Montgomery Central (Cunningham, Tenn.)
Built in 1968, Montgomery Central is built with the roof of several buildings touchdown down into a small lake that borders the school.International Prep at Grover (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Originally part of the Grover Cleveland school that closed in 2011, International Prep School houses grades 5-12. ...

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