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Following an offseason that was too long and a spring training that was maybe too short, the 2022 Major League Baseball regular season is underway. The games count, and teams are vying for a spot in the new 12-team postseason format.

Throughout the season the CBS Sports MLB experts will bring you a weekly Batting Around roundtable breaking down pretty much anything. The latest news, a historical question, thoughts about the future of baseball, all sorts of stuff. Two weeks ago we discussed the veteran players we'd like to see have a farewell season with their original team. This week we're going to debate two talented young outfielders who've struggled early in their careers.

Who would you rather have going forward: Jo Adell or Jarred Kelenic?

R.J. Anderson: Kelenic, though it's a coin flip for me. Adell was a lot better at the plate than people realize last season -- he wasn't good, but he wasn't in the running for worst hitter in the league -- yet I think I'm slightly more bearish on him than I am with Kelenic. I think part of it is his tendency to make ugly defensive gaffes. Of course, outside of a stretch late last season, Kelenic hasn't covered himself in glory, either. Hopefully both find a way to turn it around sooner than later and we can revisit this question at a higher point in their careers.

Dayn Perry: I don't lean strongly one way or the other. Both have serious issues making contact, which is a concern. I guess I'd lean slightly toward Adell because, unlike Kelenic, he's proved capable of hitting the ball exceptionally hard (albeit not with consistency) at the highest level.

Matt Snyder: To Dayn's point, Kelenic is now up to 394 plate appearances in the majors and he's very rarely hit the ball hard. That's in addition to the very concerning swing-and-miss issues. Adell has terrible contact issues as well, but when he does make contact, he hits the ball hard. Even if he'll always be a strikeout candidate, the percentage of times he makes hard contact bodes well for a turnaround in the coming months. It'll take Kelenic a bit longer to get his issues at the MLB level sorted out. I should point out I think -- and this is the case for many youngsters -- the lack of a minor-league season in 2020 likely stunted the growth of both players. 

Mike Axisa: I'll take Kelenic even though a) Adell wasn't that bad last season, and b) some of the statistical comps on Kelenic's first 150 or so plate appearances were scary bad (we're talking guys like Andy Marte and Brandon Wood). Adell has shown much greater hard-hit ability and that matters, but I'd rather bet on Kelenic's contact rates and defense. Kelenic's contact rate on pitches in the strike zone is 84.1 percent, which is more or less league average. Adell's is 72.0 percent, which is Joey Gallo and Javier Báez territory. Those two makes it work, but it's a risky profile, plus they are much better defenders than Adell. I hope both find their way at the MLB level and go head-to-head for the next decade. Right now, I'd go Kelenic if forced to pick between the two.