Conforto first with RBI in Little League, College, MLB World Series

Outfielder Michael Conforto was in the Mets' starting lineup in their World Series Game 1 loss to the Royals on Tuesday night (KC 5, NYM 4, 14 innings).That's significant because ... 

Indeed, Conforto became just the third player (and first rookie) to play in the Little League World Series (2004, Northwest Region Champion), College World Series (2013, Oregon State), and MLB World Series. He joins Ed Vosberg (1973 LLWS; 1980, U. of Arizona; 1997, Marlins) and Jason Varitek (1984 LLWS; 1994, Georgia Tech; 2004, Red Sox).  

Of course, Conforto wasn't done making history in Game 1 ... 

That's an RBI for Conforto, and that brings us to this ... 

Histoire, Monsieur Conforto! Histoire!

More to come from the 22-year-old outfielder. 


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