SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Michael Cuddyer spent 11 years with the Twins, and if you think it looks strange to see him in another uniform, you're not alone.

"I come up to bat, and the catchers look at me and say, 'It just looks different,'" Cuddyer said Saturday morning in the Rockies clubhouse. "Umpires don't recognize me. I wave at them when I run out to the outfield, and they do a double-take -- 'Is that you?'"

The Rockies added Cuddyer as part of their winter overhaul, hoping that in addition to providing a needed outfield bat, he would help change the culture of a team that has seemed to underachieve the last two years.

Cuddyer was a big-time leader with the Twins, but he had been there a long time and knew everyone. Can he do the same with a new team that has established leaders?

"There's a lot of definitions of leadership," he said. "You don't need to be a coach. We've got enough coaches. My thing is I personally invest in you as a teammate, and I expect you to do the same thing."

Cuddyer and the other Rockies spend part of their day talking about one teammate in particular: 49-year-old Jamie Moyer.

"We were thinking about it," Cuddyer said. "I would have to play another 17 years [to play at 49]. No chance. I can guarantee you I will not play another 17 years."