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First test showed little, but new replay system will work

Baseball began testing the proposed new replay system Tuesday night. The first test game showed little, but replay will work.

Mariners give Lloyd McClendon a chance he deserves

At a time when many teams are going for managers with no experience, the Mariners are giving Lloyd McClendon his second shot. He's ready for it, and he has earned the chance at it.

McClendon gets second interview with Mariners

Lloyd McClendon is once again one of the finalists to become Mariners manager. McClendon, who just missed out in 2010, was in Seattle Sunday to speak with the team a second time.

Ausmus could be a 'great' manager, but can he be great right away?

The Tigers are hiring Brad Ausmus to succeed Jim Leyland as manager. Many who know Ausmus believe he'll be outstanding, but the Tigers need him to be outstanding from the start.

Why did the Yankees give Jeter $12 million? Because he's Derek Jeter

The Yankees announced Friday that they have signed Derek Jeter to a $12 million contract for 2014. Why would they do that? Because he's Derek Jeter.

From Pittsburgh's noise to Boston's party, an October to remember

For 30 days, we've watched baseball at its best -- and noisiest. A look back at a great month.

Young St. Louis Cardinals didn't win, but they surely did impress

The Cardinals didn't have a great World Series, but their outstanding young players provide even more hope for the future.

The remade Red Sox win, but the biggest stars aren't new

The Red Sox rebounded from 93 losses to World Series champions with the help of a remade roster -- and with the help of some returning stars.

Game 6 at Fenway: Not always great, but always memorable

Wednesday's Game 6 will be the fourth played at Fenway Park. The 1975 game was legendary, but the games in 1918 and 1967 were interesting, too.

After 259 days and thousands of pitches, it comes down to this

The Red Sox and Cardinals began the journey in early February, and now it has taken them to Fenway Park in late October, with one game or maybe two to decide a champion.

Welcome back to the World Series where no one (except Ortiz) can hit

The World Series gave us two crazy endings, but mostly this postseason has given us games like Game 5, where pitching is dominant and any one run can win it.

So why were the Red Sox holding Kolten Wong on at first base (ha ha)?

Just before the pickoff play that ended Game 4, Cardinals radio announcer Mike Shannon mocked the Red Sox for holding Kolten Wong on at first base. Bad timing . . . but why were they holding him on?

Crazy game (again), crazy ending (again), and the World Series is tied

One night after an obstruction call gave the Cardinals a World Series win in Game 3, a pickoff throw from a closer who almost never throws to first gave the Red Sox a Game 4 win. This World Series is crazy, and it's also tied at two wins apiece.

Creative Red Sox find a way, and the World Series is tied again

The Red Sox's road back into the World Series was hardly conventional, but it worked, thanks in part to Jonny Gomes' three-run home run in Sunday's Game 4.

Miguel Cabrera says rest in September wouldn't have helped him

Miguel Cabrera was hurting in October, and some questioned why he didn't rest more near the end of the regular season. The reason, Cabrera said Sunday, is that doctors told him it wouldn't have helped.

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