Rafael Palmeiro, who's 53 years of age, has already said he wants to make a comeback to MLB. However, some notions require visual evidence before we're willing to make room for them in our coconuts.

With regard to Palmeiro's unlikely baseball aspirations, that visual evidence is about to come at your like a well-struck liner ... 

Yep, that's Palmeiro himself crackin' a few to the back of the cage and confirm that, yes, "The comeback is real." 

The swing looks good, which is what you'd expect from a guy who stacked up 3,020 hits and 569 homers at the highest level. Of course, he's 53, and lacing some BP fastballs in the cage is a far cry from handling major-league pitching. 

As our own Pete Blackburn noted, Palmeiro's likely angling for a comeback in order to go out on his own terms after his unceremonious exit last time around and perhaps reset his Hall of Fame clock. It seems highly unlikely that a guy in his 50s with get a look with a big-league squad, but let's not forget that the Mets exist. 

Developing? Sure, man. Why not.