Mark Trumbo posted an MLB-high 47 home runs in 2016 as a member of the Orioles, shattering his previous career high of 34. Now a free agent, it would appear Trumbo and his agents are swinging for the fences again:

There's nothing wrong with asking for a high number and then negotiating, but that's a very high asking price.

Though his one dimension is outstanding, Trumbo is one-dimensional. He hit .256 with a .316 on-base percentage last season and his career marks are .251 and .303, respectively. He's not a very good base runner, he doesn't walk much, he strikes out a lot and he's a poor defender, notably in the outfield where he's awful.

Further, the Orioles already have an all-power DH type in Chris Davis, who is making $23 million per season through 2022.

On the flip-side, those bombs are fun and Trumbo's bat in an order does change the complexion. Plus, the Orioles aren't bogged down by long-term deals. Only Davis and Darren O'Day are on the books past 2018, so this is obviously where the back-loaded deal talk comes in.

Trumbo will be 31 next season.